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KBE monograms some* items you purchase at an outside store. If you would like something monogrammed from an outside store please download, print and fill out the form below.  Please email karen@karenboneembroidery.com for directions to leave the item(s) at my studio.  The address on the form is incorrect so please email for directions.

*I take very limited types of items from outside stores.  Please see more information below.

Failure to fill out the form below may result in incorrect monogramming details that will not be the responsibility of KB Embroidery.

“Bring Your Own” prices range from $12-$75, depending on the size of the monogram desired, the difficulty of getting the item on the machine and the number of colors used. Most monograms fall in the $12-$18 price range. Please email me if you would like a quote.

The largest monogram that can be done is an 8″ round monogram, an 8″ x 12″ oval monogram or a 14″ long name.  The prices on items this size start at $30.

KBE limits the type of items that can be brought in to be embroidered as some items are extremely hard to monogram.  Some items may need to be seen before a commitment is made to monogram them.

KBE does monogram:  Sheets, towels, children’s clothing (except very stretchy items), bibs, burp cloths and some adult clothing.

KBE does NOT monogram:  company logos, stockings, luggage, lunch boxes, visors and baseball hats*, vintage or thin handkerchiefs (or other vintage items), slick material, plastic material, thick material, very stretchy material (i.e cheap t-shirts), very small items (i.e. small cosmetic bags) and very small letters.

*I cannot monogram visors or baseball caps from outside sources.  They are each made differently and are a difficult item to monogram and therefore easy to mess up!  I do carry visors and hats that are easily monogrammed to your liking!