Turkish-T Basic Bath
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  • Turkish-T Basic Bath
  • Sky Blue
  • Aqua
  • Navy
  • Lavender
  • Hot Pink
  • Pink
  • Emerald
  • Lime
  • Grass Green
  • Gray
  • Warm Gray
  • Linen
  • Sand
  • Turkish-T Basic Bath
  • Turkish-T Basic Bath
  • Turkish-T Basic Bath

Turkish-T Basic Bath

TheĀ Basic Bath turkish towel is fast becoming the “must have towel” for men and women! This fashionably edgy affordable light weight beach accessory is made of 100% turkish cotton and makes the perfect beach towel, sarong, pareo, shade blocker or wind coverlet. It is specially blended from fast-drying cotton, does not mildew, and easily fits in a small beach bag. Designed to be a multi-functional lightweight bath towel that seconds as a tablecloth, table runner, picnic blanket, and more. Keep one handy in your car and you will be amazed by its functionality.